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Brandon Freeman

About me

Brandon was raised on Chicago’s West-Side. He was fortunate to be brought up in a two-parent household, but his life was far from perfect.

By the age of 16, He had faced many hardships, including homelessness, which he attributes his ambition and drive to.

Experiencing the American dream and nightmare gave Brandon a new outlook on life. He deemed it his responsibility to eradicate categorizing incomes to determine living conditions.

As a result of this, he cultivated a passion for providing affordable luxury housing for families in similar situations.

That’s why, here at Freeman Development Group, it is our goal to provide all forms of life with the same luxury.

  • 10 years
Areas of Expertise


Project Management


approach for 
every client

We do our homework and ask the right questions at the start of the project to get to the heart of our clients’ needs.



We take a property in its current condition and then restore, remodel, or improve it. This, along with the design process, is done in the effort to make the property more functional and pleasing to the eye.


We plan, research, coordinate, and manage the design process with the goal of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for those using it.

Project Management

We lead the work of our team to achieve all project goals within the given financial, time, and legal constraints.


We contribute our operational, strategic, or technical expertise to projects. We collaborate with clients to determine develop project plans in line with business objectives, and assign project tasks and resources.

Our Projects

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Words can’t express how happy we are that we chose Freeman Development Group for our new home. We are in the process of purchasing another rental and we will absolutely use them again!

Chapelle Family

Whether you work with Brandon or choose to live in something he’s built, your life will be impacted for the better, simply because Brandon has put his time and care in it.

Paul james

From start to finish, meeting onsite with the adjuster to final clean up and walk around, Brandon was nothing short of excellent, courteous and professional.

ron Florenzo

Frequently asked questions

What does it mean to be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Being licensed, bonded, and insured means that the business has purchased some of the most traditional insurance policies that just about every business needs, such as workers comp and general liability insurance policies.

Becoming licensed is important, because it not only signifies that you are skilled but also ensures that you have the leverage necessary to perform the job for which you are hired. For example, in some states it is necessary for a general contractor to be licensed to gain permits necessary for home improvements.

Bonding is vital for many service providers, because it gives clients the added assurance that they are protected should the relationship sour. Because the city or state may be on the line if a licensed provider causes harm, becoming bonded may be necessary to get a license. Check with your local licensing agency to find out about the bonding process for your profession.

While bonding and licensing are about protecting the interests of clients and the community, being insured is all about protecting your business. Every industry and profession has certain business insurance types that are required or highly recommended, like malpractice, liability, and workers’ compensation.

Although insurance protects the company interests, it also ensures that employees, community s, and clients are protected. Because it’s important to be properly insured, you may need to show proof of specific kinds of business insurance to become licensed and bonded.

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